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Vitascene, Stylish transition effects and filters! 100% GPU processing power! 100% interactive!
For discerning professionals who are looking for the best quality in the shortest time!

Of course, being multifunctional also means that it is much more demanding both in terms of the quality and for the user. Although the operation of Vitascene has been designed very intuitively, a certain period of familiarization is always required for high-performance multimedia programs. We therefore recommend that you initially read this manual to get a feeling for the program. You should definitely work through the tutorials. The worked examples that are described there are specially tailored to help you learn how to use the program and understand the systematic behind it. Only after completing the tutorials will you have obtained a feeling for the hidden possibilities, many of which can only be achieved by combining several program features. Once you have grasped the basic principles of the tutorials, you should be in a position to create complex and demanding results after just a few days. Further assistance is always available in the program help, which gives you an overview of the comprehensive parameters and options that are available.

Questions will always arise while working with programs. In Vitascene, you can get the answers quickly and easily. The key is the integral program help, which is always available, easily found and quickly leads you to a result. Simply open the menu Help.

Here, you also find an index for quick reference in a modern electronic form.

The manual supplied with the program (with the exception of OEM versions and demo versions) as well as downloads or CD versions of this product) is actually only intended to be an introduction to the program. The primary source of information and assistance, together with a full overview of the software, can be found in the program’s online help.
This manual shows you how to use the software and provides you with diverse systematic information. For in-depth detailed information, you should refer to the aforementioned online help.

Further Info’s :

If you require further information about the program, visit the Website .

Here you will find :


Supplementary instructions  


Information about new plug-ins (that have been created after this manual had been compiled)

Other information about proDAD

Instructions for beginners and advanced users of Vitascene :

A training-DVD containing tutorials on how to apply and modify the numerous effect options of Vitascene software will soon be released in English.

The company 30th century/Uwe Wenz is proDAD Vitascenes official training partner. Interested parties can obtain detailed information on advanced seminars at (powered by proDAD).