Technology and System requirements

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At the moment, you are provided with basic information on the technology by proDAD Vitascene. One aspect that is particularly important for correct use is compliance with the requirements in terms of your PC.

What is a GPU (graphics processing unit)?

Modern graphics cards have an extremely high level of computing power, which is vastly superior to that of the CPUs used in PCs. With Vitascene this power is used to create effects! Digital processing is carried out by the graphics card, speeding up the whole procedure enormously.

Brand new technology 50 times faster than it used to be with an accelerated GPU!

The advantages of GPU processing:

  • up to 50 times faster than using a CPU
  • perfect quality using 16 bit and 32 bit IEEE
  • more precise processing for improved quality and sharper details

Is your computer suitable for GPU processing?

Click here to check your PC: GPU-Test

System requirements:

  • DirectX 9 graphics card with Shader 2.0
  • Graphics card with a minimum of 128MB

Possible limitations in terms of performance:

  • An out of date graphics hardware driver
  • An out of date version of DirectX


Always keep your PC system up to date in terms of driver software for graphics cards and your version of DirectX. We also recommend taking the GPU-Test to determine the capacity of your graphics card.

Technology and System requirements