Plugin as video effect

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Start Pinnacle Studio, place a video clip in the Timeline and go to the Effects library. In the list of video effects click on the proDAD category and on the right (under Effects) doubleclick on Vitascene Filter.

Vitascene eng vita stu4a Plugin as video effect

A faded lock symbol in front of the plugin name indicates that the plugin has not yet been activated (purchased) and calculations are indicated in test mode by a logo.

Activation will take place online by clicking on:

Vitascene eng pistu register Plugin as video effect

The plug-in was assigned to the clip in the timeline.

Vitascene stu4 Plugin as video effect

Vitascene is started by clicking on the Edit Vitascene Filter button.

Vitascene eng vita stu2 Plugin as video effect

Vitascene will start.

When all settings in Vitascene have been applied, you can return to Pinnacle Studio by using the F12 Key on your keyboard. The Vitascene project is inserted into the Studio Timeline.

Plugin as video effect