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The menus in their opened status and their tasks :

Vitascene open Menu descriptionFile
       new project : Create empty project

Open… : opens a Vitascene project

Recently opened projects : List of the last edited projects

Close : Exit project and return to status at start of program
Save : Save project under same name
Save as… : Save project under another name

       Append project … : Temporally attach another project to the current project

       Graphic… : Load a graphic file as complete graphic object

       Animation : Create and save an animation file
       Single frames : Save a sequence of single frames

Exit : End of program

Vitascene open Menu descriptionEdit
Undo : Undo
Restore : Redo

Key frames : Activates the Key frame function

Vitascene open Menu descriptionEffects

Playback: Play the current effect

Period of time (Duration): Determines the length of an effect

Vitascene open Menu descriptionView
% values : Increase / reduce layout display (-> +/- key!)
low : lower quality, quickest presentation
middle : better quality, quicker presentation
good : high quality, higher rendering demand, slower presentation
premium : highest quality and rendering demand, slower presentation

Options : Display/ Video format and Background / borders

Vitascene open Menu descriptionExtras

Start page : Back to Overview (Start page / Navigation overview))

Back: Change Vitascene screen (back)

Next: Change Vitascene screen (next)

Preview: Create an edited preview

Recently opened projects : List of the last edited projects

Settings: Open the Vitascene setting dialogue box


Vitascene open Menu descriptionHelp

About Vitascene : Info about program version, licensing data

Manual : Online manual

Import license file : Manually load a license file *.mtkey


Incase of problems, send us an email… : should only be used if a problem arises. In case of need of support.

Open Vitascene homepage : with FAQs, tips, info etc.

Service update : download/install current version of program

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Menu description