Bright Bloom

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A Bright Bloom effect allows partial overexposure and the related expansion of bright areas in the image or video material used. A Bloom effect can often be recognized by the bright areas being surrounded by a glow.

without Bright Bloom

with Bright Bloom

Vitascene  Bright Bloom

Vitascene bright boolm Bright Bloom


This is where you can increase bright areas in an image or video material.

Highlight Threshold

This allows you to control the brightness at which the effect begins, enabling the effect to be applied selectively e.g. only to light or bright sections of images


This is where you can control the brightness intensity of the original image.


The glow property of bright areas that have already been enlarged (e.g. lights) in an image can be strengthened.


This setting option creates additional brightening of the bright sections of an image.

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Bright Bloom