Bright Direction Bloom

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The Bright Direction Bloom effect simulates reflections in an image by scattered light, which are highly visible in bright rays of light or light sources, like the sun, for example.

without Bright Bloom Direction

with Bright Bloom Direction

Vitascene  Bright Direction Bloom

Vitascene direction bright bloom Bright Direction Bloom


This is where you can determine the length of rays of light.

Highlight Threshold

This allows you to determine the brightness threshold at which the effect begins.


The intensity of the original image is used for optional dim-out as well as to strengthen the effect.


This allows the rays of light created to be highlighted with a glow.


This allows the rays of light created to be brightened up (the color white is added) or highlighted.


This allows the direction of the rays of light in the image to be changed.

reduce flicker

This allows you to reduce fluctuations in the brightness of rays of light in a sequence.

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Bright Direction Bloom