Motion Dust

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The Motion Dust effect creates a hazy or misty effect, bright areas become blurred and illuminate dark areas within the image. In addition, the effect of a rapid camera pan (or reflection) appears within the image.

without Motion Dust

with Motion Dust

Vitascene  Motion Dust

Vitascene motion dust Motion Dust


This is where you can determine the strength of the blur as well as the spread of the reflection in the image.


Using this option you can determine the intensity of the Dust effect (build up of haze or mist).


This setting option controls the effect on bright and dark areas within the image.


The image is brightened, by adding a glow to the bright areas.


With this setting option, bright sections of images can be lightened or darkened.


This allows the reflection direction (or swivel effect) to be changed within the image.


Motion Dust