Saturation Bloom

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Der Effekt Saturation Bloom verstärkt farbige Flächen im Bildmaterial. Dadurch können Farben leuchtender dargestellt werden, sogar bis hin zum Glühen verstärkt werden.

without Saturation Bloom

with Saturation Bloom

Vitascene  Saturation Bloom

Vitascene saturation bloom b Saturation Bloom


You can use this option to increase the colored sections of images or video material


This enables you to determine the color threshold at which the effect begins.


This setting option controls the effect on bright and dark areas.


The intensity of the original image is used for optional dim-out as well as to strengthen the effect.


Enables you to determine the display strength of the effect.


Enables you to determine the strength of the colors in the image.


Use this option to alter the shade of the color in the image.

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Saturation Bloom