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The Sparkle effect simulates light effects in the image and is best applied to bright areas of an image.

Vitascene sparkle Sparkle


This option enables you to determine the size of the sparkle (light effects).

Vitascene sparkle ausdehung Sparkle

Highlight Threshold

With this parameter, you can determine the brightness at which the effect begins.

Erosion Threshold

This option is used to set the number of sparkles created. The reduce flicker option also has an effect on the creation of new sparkles.

Vitascene sparkle anzahl Sparkle



This option controls the strength of the glow effect on the sparkle.

Highlight Intensity

This option is used to define the brightness (brightening) of the sparkle.


This option affects the strength of the spot dispersion.

Vitascene sparkle spot Sparkle


Use this option to determine the size of the spot.


This option determines the direction or rotation of the sparkle, when the Spot method is chosen, direction has no effect.

reduce flicker

This enables you to reduce fluctuations in the brightness of sparkles in a sequence.