Search path for images/animations

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The global search paths are defined here. When loading a project the corresponding components, such as graphics or animations are searched for. In principle, these components are not embedded in a project file. This has the advantage that the project file can be kept much more compact.

However, the disadvantage that comes up is that an uploaded graphic must always be stored in the location that is pointed at. This can create problems if you want to transfer the project to another PC, for example. However, this parameter eliminates the problem:

If a project is opened on another PC that has a different drive environment, the components only have to be located in one of the search paths selected here in order to be found.

Vitascene eng vita22 Search path for images/animations

Vitascene eng vita23 Search path for images/animations

You can create a search path by clicking New.

Please note: No sub-folders will be searched.

Search path for images/animations