Specialization customization

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This setting dialogue box is used to compile the setting options for an effect.

Vitascene eng vita26 Specialization customization

To select an effect, click on the New button, it appears in the dialogue box.

Vitascene eng vita27a Specialization customization

Click on the New button again, this opens a list of effects.

Vitascene vita de 33 Specialization customization

Now select the Video Filter / Color Adjust effect.

This will be transferred into the Edit page dialogue box and displayed as follows:

Vitascene eng vita28a Specialization customization

Under Category you will see the following options:

Vitascene eng vita29 Specialization customization

Select the Video A option, for example, this will be set as a Category.

In the lower section, you can see Available elements and Current elements for an effect. By double clicking on an element (e.g. Inverse) in the Available elements window, you can transfer this element to the Current elements window. You are then offered the Inverse option, to check, simply click on the Test button. This opens the Test dialogue box with an integrated Invert option, which can now be used.

Vitascene eng vita30a Specialization customization

In this way, you can include and display any effect functions in the list of templates as Specializations.

Specialization customization