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Copyright proDAD GmbH. All rights reserved.

Licensing Conditions
Please read these licensing conditions carefully before installing the software.

Licensing agreement
When setup starts, a licensing agreement is shown, which you should read carefully.
By installing the software, you stale that you accept the copyright conditions, the licensing agreement and the licensing procedure.

License Guarantee
proDAD GmbH grants the user the right to use this product for its proper and permitted purpose. The present product may only be installed on one computer. proDAD hereby guarantees to provide a license key free of charge. If the software needs to be installed on more than one computer, you are required to purchase multiple license keys. It is forbidden to copy the software or the instructions, in whole or in part, unless expressly permitted in writing by proDAD GmbH.
The program temporarily runs in the full version mode for 30 days when installation is complete. This time must be used to apply for an unlimited license key. This will usually be sent electronically free of charge within 8 working days. Packaging and postage must be paid if a hard copy on a floppy disk is required. By installing the product you accept the registration procedure.

All products and trademarks mentioned in association with this product are trademarks that belong to the respective owners. All trademarks are used without any guarantee that they may be used freely, and they may be registered trademarks.

Limitation of Liability
The extent of liability for any one claim is limited to a replacement of the product. This applies to proDAD GmbH, all licensees and retailers. Claims shall only be recognized if the software is returned in an orderly manner, together with the returned goods number that has to be previously arranged with proDAD GmbH. The goods must also be accompanied by proof of purchase. This guarantee becomes void if a malfunction of this product is due to improper use, mistreatment, an accident or improper handling. proDAD GmbH, its sales partners and licensees, shall not be held liable for damages or subsequent damages arising from the impossible usage of this product. Liability is limited in all cases to the purchase price of the product.

The greatest of care has been taken in compiling and translating the handbook. However, the possibility of errors cannot be fully excluded. proDAD GmbH shall assume no responsibility or liability whatsoever for the consequences of any incorrect statements or information which the documentation or translation may contain. Subject to technical and optical modifications. Information regarding any inaccuracies is always welcome.

The software and the individual components of this product are the property of proDAD GmbH. By installing this product, the licensee agrees to refrain from unauthorized use and duplication.

proDAD GmbH does not accept any responsibility for the usage of this program and the publication of its contents and data that has been created with this program.

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Copyright / legal Information