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Vitascene is a modern software based on an innovative architecture. The advantage it has in comparison to similar products is that it free from old development concepts. At the same time, this fortunate circumstance also offers the opportunity to incorporate new concepts, which may at first glance appear to be unusual, but which are, or will be, advantageous.

A greatly abbreviated insight into the various features of the application, User interfaces can be viewed simultaneously wherever possible: Almost all elements are visible in an overview in relation to one another.

Complete interactivity: all parameters entered can be viewed immediately without annoying confirmations.

Real-time preview: the preview is interactive and can be adjusted to the performance of your computer, which simplifies things when experimenting, entries do not need to be confirmed unnecessarily.

User navigation based on the modern Windows systems for quicker comprehension.

Shortcut menus (right mouse button) are provided wherever possible for quicker performance.

Identical or similar functions can be used in different areas of the application to act according to one’s own preferences.

Help via the mouse in short form for quick tips while working.

Menu navigation in tree form or as structure. Options are shown in the respective option window for schematic and orderly user navigation and the greatest possible extendibility.

Dynamic GUI system for summarizing user habits and making functions available in just a few single steps.

Limitless layout area for infinite freedom when editing roller titles, extra-dimensional graphics etc.

Innovative layout features for interactive alignment, scaling etc.

Object-oriented layout features for unlimited structure and diversity.

Object-oriented effect engine for maximum scalability of results by combining individual effect settings.

User-oriented preview functions for impressive, result-like previews (instead of wire frame models), interactively and qualitatively adjustable.

Diverse export functions for extensive user possibilities.

Future-oriented rendering methods designed for use on standardized systems. These make additional hardware useable in the future and can be continually optimized in line with increasing hardware performance.

Modern plug-in structure for NLE host applications.

Modern plug-in structure as host application for other manufacturers and plug-ins.

Internal object-oriented program structure, ultra-scalable and future-safe.

By purchasing this product, you have not only made a good decision for the present, but you can also be assured that you will continue to have an application available in future that is always compatible with your environment and which attains performance and perfection by continual
ly improving itself.

An advantage that should not be underestimated, during and particularly following the acquisition of an innovative software!