Workshops for familiarization

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Here you can find some applications in a step-by-step guide.
Working through these examples takes approx. 30 minutes. Afterwards, you will know how to carry out projects with Vitascene and realize your own ideas. If you work through the examples you will save time later when exploring the logic and application.

The following workshops are available:

1. Text supported by Ray filter and Key frames (Title in proDAD Heroglyph with alpha channel created and 1. video editing software in the Timeline as well as 2. imported directly into Vitascene)

2. Apply Sparkle Filter to an image with the use of Key frames

3. Apply the Shape Wipe transition effect with an integrated sparkle effect (Use Vitascene as a plug-in to video editing software)

All Filters and their effects can be seen by clicking here.

Have fun getting to know the program!

A training DVD with a large number of video workshops on Vitascene software is now available.

The company 30th century/Uwe Wenz is proDAD Heroglyphs official training partner. Interested parties can obtain detailed information on advanced seminars at .

Workshops for familiarization